Her Trails Training Cycles

Her Trails Training Cycles

Program Overview

This unique program for HER is designed to connect & optimise your training with your female physiology – which helps you train with your menstrual cycle.
The relationship between a women’s cycle and their training program is not widely understood and alongside our incredible Her Trails tribe, we want to help change that.
We want you to feel connected to your body and empowered by your cycle. We want you to have the confidence to make changes to your intensity, training load, recovery and nutrition so that you can reduce the “struggle” often associated with periods and instead understand how to best support your body.

Where do i start?

To start this program there are two questions you need to understand:

1. How long is your cycle and 2. Where in your cycle are you now? 

We use these answers to determine the length of your low hormonal and high hormonal phases – which then impacts how you train, how you recover and what nutritional needs you have.

Our Get Started Guide is a downloadable PDF and must-read before you start. It was sent to you via email when you registered.  This will provide you with everything you need to know before you get started – from how to track your cycle to understanding the different hormonal phases.



HIIT, explosive, play, high-speed, dynamic



Top-end speed, plyometrics, tempo, power, intensity



Endurance, skill development, movement quality, strength gains, technique



Mindfulness, recovery, low intensity, long slow distance, nourishment, mobility.