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Adventure Retreats

Immersive week-long adventures and cultural experiences to nourish the wild-hearted.

“The most important relationship in your life

is the one you have with yourself.”


Embrace the call of the wild with Her Trails Retreats – our women-only retreats explore the breathtaking landscapes of Australia, transporting you into the country’s most captivating and untouched territories. From the rugged beauty of Larapinta in the Northern Territory to the serene shores of Bruny Island in Tasmania, our retreats are a passport to Australia’s wild heart.

Our Her Trails Retreats intertwine exhilarating adventure with soulful rejuvenation. We’re not just about traversing remarkable terrains; we’re about voyaging into the depths of self-discovery. Amidst the inspiring solitude of Australia’s wilderness, embark on a personal journey of introspection and mindfulness.


Our retreats thrive on the spirit of sisterhood. Connect with fellow women adventurers, forge meaningful friendships, and become part of a community built on shared experiences, mutual growth, and collective wisdom. Each expedition with Her Trails Retreats is a shared journey, marked by camaraderie and cherished memories.

Uncover the deep roots of the country through our retreats – each location is steeped in indigenous culture, history, and spirituality. From the ancient pathways of the Larapinta Trail to the tranquil waters of Bruny Island, gain a profound respect for these ancestral lands and there timeless narratives.



Her Trails Retreats provides a sanctuary where you can stretch your boundaries, reset your rhythm, and reconnect to the world, your companions, and most importantly, yourself. We invite you to indulge in an experience that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, while charting a course through Australia’s majestic wilderness.

 What’s Included?

Just about everything!


  • All meals (delicious food!) and non-boozy drinks
  • Accommodation
  • All bedding and camp equipment when on Country
  • Yoga and mindfulness practices
  • Carefully crafted workshops by expert facilitators
  • Spectacular location specific adventure activities
  • Access to the Her Trails hiking program
  • Her Trails gift pack – it’s a surprise, but prepare to be spoiled!

Retreat Reflections 

Ali Hill


Sam English


Sarah Davidson


Upcoming Her Trails Adventure Retreats

Larapinta Adventure Retreat

2024 – April 21 to 27th (4 remaining spots)

2024 –  August 23 to 29th

Crafted by Women for Women, this adventure is an all-inclusive experience that unites adventures of the body with adventures of the soul.

Over 7 transformative days across 3 distinct phases, you will have a rare opportunity to recharge, push yourself with new experiences and explore your inner workings. 

Be prepared to surrender to an experience that words cannot describe!


Tasmania Retreat

2025 – January 16 to 22

Unleash the adventurer within you in the sublime landscapes of Tasmania! Join Her Trails for a meticulously crafted retreat, exploring the majestic Mount Kunyani and the wonders of Bruny Island.

We’ve teamed up with Tasmanian locals to guide you through the wilderness, cultivating your survival and adventure skills, expanding your confidence, and enabling you to thrive in the unknown.

Activities include mountain and coastal hiking, deep water breath immersion, and an enriching solo overnight campout, all blended seamlessly into a transformative experience. And of course, you’ll have the opportunity to feast on Tasmania’s renowned local cuisine. So, are you ready to deepen your connection with nature and self?

Mum & Child Larapinta Retreat

2024 – April 27 to May 2nd (5 nights)

Embark on a transformative Mother-Child Retreat with Her Trails, set in the heart of the Northern Territory on the enchanting Larapinta Trail.

This six-day journey is deeply rooted in cultural appreciation and connection to the indigenous land. Explore the land on hikes, bike rides, and walks in the heart of Australia, soak up the knowledge of dream time traditions, engage in indigenous arts, and unwind by a tranquil waterhole. 

This retreat is a unique opportunity to bond with your child and deepen your connection to country, creating lasting memories amidst Australia’s captivating wilderness.


Interest in Larapinta Retreat

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Interest in Tasmania Retreat

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Interest in Mum & Child Retreat

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