The Her Trails team

Coach Sam

Co-founder of Her Trails & Mind Coach,

Sam, our fearless trailblazer. With a unique blend of Law & Performing Arts expertise, she left her heels behind to embark on an extraordinary running journey that inspires and empowers women worldwide.

Sam seamlessly weaves the power of the mind and body into every program, connecting us to our hidden potential and embracing the transformative power of the trail.

Since 2010, Sam has shattered boundaries, running 3500km across India and becoming the first woman to complete the Four Deserts Grand Slam Series. Her audacious projects showcase her unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of new challenges.

As a co-founder of the Relief Run and Resilience in Motion campaigns, Sam has raised over $1.4 million for various causes through running and endurance campaigns, leaving a lasting positive impact on the world.

When not blazing new trails, Sam can be found teaching her 5-year-old son the art of riding a mountain bike, nurturing a sense of adventure.

Coach Jo

Her Trails Ultra Coach


Jo is our ultra coach and Yoga instructor. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for empowering women, Jo is dedicated to fostering a community where every woman can unlock her full potential.

With a degree in Human Movement and health Management, a diploma in Yoga, a graduate diploma in Business Leadership, and qualifications as a personal trainer and running coach, Jo brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to her coaching practice.

Jo strives to create an inclusive space where women can flourish, embrace their strengths, and pursue their goals.

Her impressive athletic journey includes podium finishes in races such as Ultra-Trail Australia, Mt Solitary Ultra, Coastal Classic, GOW100 and representing Australia at the Sky Running World Championships in Chamonix.

Jo is a busy working mum of three currently completing her MBA. She understands the challenges of balancing responsibilities and is passionate about supporting women not only in their athletic endeavours but also in their overall well-being.


Lizzy Crouch

Head of Member Experience.


 Lizzy, our very own “liquid gold,” is the heart and soul behind our member experience here at Her Trails. With a degree in Exercise Science and an MBA, Lizzy’s expertise in training, female physiology, and nutrition is unparalleled. Having owned her own strength & conditioning gym for 6 years, she knows a thing or two about building strong foundations.

After becoming a Mum and immersing herself in off-grid living on Great Barrier Island in NZ she is now based in Cambridge NZ.  

Having completed the inaugural 21.1 program and numerous others, Lizzy fell head over heels for the Her Trails way. Her personal journey sparked a deep connection and a desire to share the magic she experienced with others.

Lizzy’s contagious enthusiasm and genuine care for this community –  ensures that every member’s journey is filled with joy, growth, and a touch of magic.

When Lizzy isn’t trail running, you’ll find her tending to her garden or riding the waves on her longboard.



Amanda Watts

Her Trails Sports Dietician

Amanda is a trail runner, rock climber and our spectacular Her Trails Sports Dietitian. Amanda is also the founder of Thrive Nutrition & Dietetics in the Blue Mountains, where she lives with her Partner Tom and daughter. Amanda is an accredited practising dietitian, an accredited sports dietitian, ICF accredited health coach and an ANZAED Eating Disorder Credentialled dietitian.

She has worked with people all over the world for over 25 years, as an outdoor ed instructor, gym instructor, climbing guide and coach, behaviour and health coach and sports dietitian. Amanda is passionate about giving people the tools to build robust body image, a healthy relationship with food and helping people perform and feel the best they can in life and when they run.

Amanda is an accomplished climber with 27 years of experience including lots of success competing at a National level and representing Australia at the World Cup in 2005. When not climbing rocks, she is trail running and training for her adventure. Amanda’s mantra has always been to keep learning and keep evolving.  


Ali Hill

psychologist & Accountability Coach

Ali, is our Her Trails Accountability Coach. Woven throughout our programs and in our Life Hub are Ali’s expertise in creating support, structure and encouragement for our members to stay committed, on track and achieve their goals. 

As a professional “head-mechanic” (Psychologist), Ali has worked with individuals from all walks of life, empowering them to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

She is an award-winning businesswoman, influential keynote speaker, and the producer and host of the Stand Out Life podcast.

Her book, ‘Stand Out: A real-world guide to get clear, find purpose, and become the boss of busy,’ and her best-selling co-authored book, “Dealing with the Tough Stuff: How to achieve results from key conversations,” showcase Ali’s depth of knowledge and her ability to provide practical guidance in navigating challenges.

An avid trail runner, participant in many of our Her Trails programs – you can catch her on the trails and paths in Currumbin. 

Ray Zahab

Her Trails Adventure and Ultra Expert

Ray, our pioneering and inspiring educator on all things adventure and endurance. He is here to support our community to believe that everyone is capable of achieving their extraordinary.

Once a sedentary “pack a day smoker,” Ray transformed his life in 1999 when he decided to get in shape and venture into the world of ultra-marathons. Since then, he has inspired millions with his awe-inspiring feats, including running 7500km across the Sahara and setting multiple Guinness World Record’s in feats of endurance. Ray has traversed some of the most challenging deserts and coldest regions on Earth.

Ray is not only a trailblazer in the world of adventure, but also the founder of the non-profit organization impossible2Possible (i2P). Through adventure-based learning programs, Ray and his team inspire, empower, and educate young people on a wide range of subjects. He hosts cost-free expeditions for youth, providing them with life-changing experiences. 

Ray’s is an Explorer-in-Residence of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society and a Fellow of the Canadian Geographical Society.

Thea Doyle

Her Trails Resident Nutritionist

Thea, our nutritionist, recipe developer, and soon-to-be Mum of two. With her deep understanding of nutrition for performance and hormonal balance, Thea is an invaluable resource within our Life Hub and program support. She is also highly sought after for her personalised 1:1 nutritional consultations, which receive rave reviews from our program participants and members.

Having studied a Bachelor’s degree in Communication (Business) with a major in Marketing and completed her Graduate Diploma of Nutrition, Thea possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition. Her mission is clear: to empower others to reach their full potential and get the most out of life by respecting and fueling their bodies with nourishing foods.

Thea’s specialisations include fuelling with your cycle and optimising performance, whether you’re a competitive athlete or simply aiming to achieve your personal best, 


Dr Kayla Hamm

Her Trails Physical Therapy Support

Dr. Kayla, is our licensed Physical Therapist from Myodetox. She specialises in sports rehabilitation, postural impairments, and injury prevention. Her deep understanding of the human body and its mechanics allows her to provide guidance that keeps our women progressing towards their goals.  

With her extensive expertise and unwavering dedication to helping individuals reach their full physical potential, she is heavily present throughout our Life Hub and connects in the program via our coaching sessions. 

As a new Mom herself, she understands firsthand the physical challenges and unique needs that women face during this transformative phase of life. 

 She’s especially interested in promoting preventative care and mind-body connection in order to achieve optimal function.

Kat John

Meditation and Authenticity Coach

Kat, is our Authenticity and Meditation Coach. With a powerful combination of expertise in coaching, keynote speaking, podcast hosting, and her creation of the ZEROFKS movement, Kat has dedicated the past eight years to helping individuals powerfully manage the thoughts in their heads, allowing them to access their truth and focus on what truly matters. 

Kat’s unique approach is centred around cultivating authenticity and harnessing the transformative power of meditation. She guides individuals on a journey of self-discovery, helping them connect with their innermost truths and live a life aligned with their values and purpose. Reminding you that you have the answers inside of you to pave your new way forward!

Kat is real, raw and relatable – which is probably why her podcast is titled that, which you should totally get around! 

Amy Bowe

Women’s Guru

 Amy Bowe, is our Women’s Guru and the empowering educator behind Warrior School. With over 14 years of experience in coaching, nutrition, hormonal health, and training, Amy has dedicated herself to empowering women and reshaping their relationship with themselves and their bodies.

We love getting Amy on the podcast and creating content with her that we can share with our Program Participants and Her Trails Members. Among many topics in her sweet spot, we love riffing with Amy on how to refuel, debunking the women’s based contradictions in the health and fitness industry, key menstrual cycle training considerations and how to train after 40+ 

Her goal is for you to get more energy by building strength (from the inside and out) and by honouring where you are in your journey. 

Tash Ascui

Her Trails Doc & VIC Maven


Tash, is our Her Trails doctor and co-maven in Victoria. With her expertise in women’s health and remote medicine, Tash provides invaluable guidance and support to our community. We are incredibly fortunate to have her on our team at Her Trails.

In addition to her medical expertise, Tash is a passionate trail runner, cyclist, and dancer. Her love for these activities goes hand in hand with her commitment to health and well-being. 

Tash’s dedication extends beyond her medical practice and her own athletic pursuits. As a volunteer “buddy” for Inclusive Sports Training, she supports athletes with intellectual and physical disabilities, helping them train in swimming, cycling, running, and general fitness. Tash’s inclusive mindset and compassionate nature shine through in her efforts to create a supportive and empowering environment for all.

Kirstie le Quesne

VIC Maven


Kirstie, a valued member of the Her Trails team, is an inspirational figure for women of all ages. With a passion for running and outdoor activities, she embraces an active lifestyle while balancing her family responsibilities as a mother of two adult children.

Kirstie finds joy in running on single trails with puddles, connecting with nature and overcoming challenges. She loves combining running with camping, travel, and catching up with friends over coffee.

Since discovering trail running in 2019, Kirstie has accomplished impressive feats, including completing a 50-kilometer run in the Surfcoast Century. 

Kirstie serves as a maven, leading the Her Trails run group in Victoria alongside Tash. Her leadership skills and expertise create a supportive environment where women can thrive together.

Emma Trehy

Sydney Maven


Jen Mudcrab

Brisbane Maven


Cathy Crouch

Adelaide Maven

Chelsea Wingrove

Tasmania Maven