Training CycleS

Her Trails Training CycleS is a 4-6 week unique program for HER

$79 per training cycle

Designed to connect and optimise your training with your female physiology – which centres on YOUR body and YOUR 4-6 week menstrual cycle.

This is a game changer. By connecting your training, nutrition, recovery and mindset with the delicate hormonal dance that you experience each cycle, you will be empowered with the tools to get better results, reduce stress and burnout, feel stronger and more energised to take on life’s adventures.

Be prepared to understand and feel how your body is connected to your hormones and your cycle. Your teams of expert coaches will guide you through, providing holistic education and support so you learn how to make the right training and lifestyle choices based on your unique physiology. 

This program is in alignment with the most up to date research on female and exercise physiology. It is holistic in nature, as are all Her Trails programs. It sits well in the starting weeks of any training goal, as a maintenance program or as an educational course to better understand your cycle and your body.

Note for women – perimenopause and menopause: 

This program is absolutely for you!! In fact, we believe the strength, restorative and periodic phasing components are extremely important for women in this phase of life. We also want to acknowledge there has been limited research done to support women going through this transition. Yet excitingly this is evolving and we want to be part of the change. We will be offering a free consultation (either 1:1 or in a small group) to listen to your questions, support you in where to start and empower you with the tools to move forward. 

Each week you will receive:

  • 3 run workouts – each with a different purpose to provoke a specific stimulus and response. These sessions will be matched to your cycle. 
  • 2 additional workouts – tailored to your hormonal phases, these holistic sessions (yoga, strength, meditation, HIIT) will change the way you think about your training forever! 
  • Mobility and specific recovery sessions – critical part to every holistic training program.
  • Access to the Life Hub – full of videos and info from our team of experts to support your training and help you get the most out of this program
  • A Her Trails Training Cycles Facebook Group – connect with women from all over the world who are on the same path and have your back
  • Get Started Guide – downloadable PDF with everything you need to know before you start, from tracking your cycle to the different hormonal phases.
  • Her Trails Podcast: with nutritionists, women’s health experts, strength coaches and exercise physiologists (coming soon!)

Your Expert Team

Run and Program Coaches with Samantha Gash and Bec Wilcock

Strength & Mobility with Bec Wilcock

Meditation with Kat John – a passionate meditation and authenticity coach who views meditation as mind training. These sessions will help you improve important skills like focus, decision making, compassion, gratitude and decrease the impact of stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm.

Yoga with Masha – having discovered yoga at the age of 13 in Siberia, Masha has had a lifelong love affair with yoga and meditation. She is known for her boundary pushing, sweaty, some might say life changing flows. A mother of two boys she is the founder of Happy Melon.

Nutrition with Thea Doyle – a lover of cooking & real food. Her purpose is helping people discover their own path to healthy living through simple, real food choices. Thea is our Her Trails Resident Nutritionist. She studied a Bachelor degree in Communication (Business) – majoring in Marketing. She has also completed her Graduate Diploma of Nutrition.