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Her 21.1 Trail

Our flagship 12-week holistic training program that will build you to a half marathon on trails & sustain you BEYOND.


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What’s Included?

Our 21.1km trail program is broken into 12 weekly building blocks!
We’ve included it all so you can focus on your footsteps, recovery and what’s important to you!

Each Weekly Building Block includes:

Run Program

Safely and progressively building you with speed, hill, threshold, active recovery sessions, and long runs workouts.

Weekly Mindset Vid

A weekly video to educate you on all things trail. Coaching for the mind + body that also helps you to understand how trail time can support your everyday life. We explore topics such as trail technique, gear, how to create your support team, recovery tools, safety and boundary setting. 

Strength Workout

A weekly 30 – 60 minute strength video that you can do at home or anywhere. Here you will learn your body language through activation, stability and resistance training. Strength is the armour to your running, longevity and wellbeing.

Mobility Session

A weekly 15 – 40 minute mobility video that you can do at home or anywhere. Mobility gives your body the ability to move freely. These session will address any imbalances and help you combat physical stress and fatigue.

Long Run Podcast

Specially curated for HER long run, including trailblazing guests such as Jacqui Mooney (Editor at Women’s Health Australia), Kirsty Godso (Ultimate Energy Dealer), Lyndsay Lee (Women’s gut health expert), Lisa Tamati (endurance athlete) and Thea Doyle (Her Trails Nutritionist).

An Expert Team

The Her Trails team extends to coaches and experts in the fields of running, strength & mobility, physical therapy, nutrition & mindset. A holistic & healthy training approach is one that takes into account all these pillars.

Facebook Community Group

Inclusion into a highly engaged and supportive facebook community. A place where you can feel safe to share your story, receive guidance and insights from your coaches and fellow 21.1 Her Trail Members. It’s inspiring to be in a network of women balancing the daily juggle yet pursuing a goal that allows them to build their resilience, self reliance and inner play.

Fortnightly Physio Q&A

A scheduled fortnightly Q&A with a qualified physiotherapist. This will assist you in managing any body or biomechanical issues that may arise during your training.

Her Trails Life Hub

You Have Access to:

  • The HER TRAILS Community Group: a space for real relationships to grow through support, comradery, guidance and inspiration.
  • A Monthly LIVE Q&A with Coach Bec & Coach Sam (3 in total over the 12 weeks)
  • HER TRAILS LIFE HUB: a growing hub of resources to support HER including
    • Physiotherapy support with Myo Detox – how to prevent injuries and rehabilitation guidance.
    • Pre and Postnatal fitness expert Julie Baird – pelvic floor awareness, posture, breathing and diastasis recti.
    • Nutrition and fuelling advice from Her Trail nutritionist Thea Doyle – fueling for high and low hormonal phases, building your plate for training, why protein is important for women.
  • GIVEAWAYS throughout the 12 week program we will give away goodies from Hyperice & Ladder (to name a few).

The Her Trails Platform

A female trail and adventure platform empowering women to feel safe and create space to be on the trails and in our wild places. Then having the mindset to utilise those skills we develop through trail time into our everyday life.

We will do this through holistic training programs; retreats; female focused expeditions and HER TRAILS TV.

Coach Bec

Mom, Ultra-Runner, Strength & Running Coach.


Bec has a Bachelor of Exercise Science and over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. She has worked 1:1 with elite athletes as a personal trainer and reached millions of runners worldwide through her work with the Nike Running Club (NRC). She is a Nike Coach, a coach/athlete with Hyperice, and an athletic training advisor to Ladder Sports Nutrition alongside Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As an athlete, Bec was an Australian national champion for sprint triathlon before moving into ultra and trail running. In 2016, she was a starter at the infamous Barkley Marathon and, in 2019, was part of the record breaking all-female team for The Speed Project that ran 340 miles from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Bec is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, supporting them to build their self-worth, and training them to be in their peak condition. Her knowledge will lead you into powerful action and her energy is infectious.

Coach Sam

Mum, Adventurer, Endurance Athlete, Speaker, Podcast Host.


Sam has a Double Degree in Law & Performing Arts yet switched her heels for runners, becoming one of the early pioneers in the running for change movement. Since 2010 she has run over 35,000km on every continent on the planet, created world class endurance projects including a 3500km run from the West to East of India, a 379km non-stop run across Australia’s Simpson Desert and being the first woman to complete the Four Deserts Grand Slam Series. She was the co-founder of the Relief Run and has raised over $1.3 million for charities through running and endurance campaigns

She presents to audiences all around the globe on the topics of human potential, purpose and how to cultivate community and resilience. She is a Global Ambassador for Lululemon, Specialized, World Vision and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

Her mantra is if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something
you’ve never done. Sam will leave you believing nothing is impossible and will help you to unlock your greatest tool – your mind!

Thea Doyle

Her Trails Resident Nutritionist


Thea studied a Bachelor degree in Communication (Business) majoring in Marketing and has completed her Graduate Diploma of Nutrition. She has a passion for cooking, baking and living an active lifestyle and her mission is to empower others to reach their potential and get the most out of their life.

She does this by showing people how to respect and fuel their bodies with good foundational nutrition knowledge to set them up for long term success. She is a recipe developer and owns a meal delivery business called EatbyDesign. As a new mum to 5 month old Darcy, Thea understands the importance of keeping nutrition simple which is why her approach to food is all about creating sustainable habits that create ease and joy in your life.

Julie Baird

Her Trails Pre & Postnatal Fitness Expert


Hailing from France, Julie is a pre & postnatal fitness expert, specializing in diastasis recti and pelvic floor function. She has a Masters Degree in Sports Science.

 Julie reaches women to strengthen their core from within by teaching comprehensive and sustainable programs based on unique and powerful abdominal breathing exercises.

Every woman deserves to feel strong, confident and functional which is why Julie provides the right tools and techniques to clarify any misleading information and help you to reach your goals. Your body is incredible and worthy of feeling its best.

Dr Kayla Hamm

Her Trails Physical Therapy Support


Kayla is a licensed Physical Therapist at Myodetox and personal trainer in West Hollywood, with a background in sports rehab and performance training.

Kayla has worked with a wide range of professional and college athletes, as well as patients dealing with chronic pain and neurological dysfunction. Kayla’s passionate about helping her clients get back into doing the things they love, whether it’s running, surfing, hiking, cooking, or playing with their kids. She’s especially interested in promoting preventative care and mind-body connection in order to achieve optimal function.

Her Tool Kit + Tee

Valued at $115, for a limited time available for $100.

Note: this kit is automatically included in the Pro Membership

Strength training is the armor to you trail running and each piece in our HER TOOL KIT is uniquely designed to assist you in becoming stronger, more stable and efficient on the trails.

The HER Tool Kit includes:

  • 2 Sliders
  • 1 Heavy Fabric Band
  • 1 Focus Ball
  • 1 Latex Loop Band
  • 1 HER Tool Bag
  • Her Trails STAY WILD Tee

We recommend this kit to support the strength and mobility component of the program. However, please note it is not mandatory!


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+ Strength Workout
+ Mobility Session
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- Her Trails Tool Kit valued at $70
- 30 mins 1:1 session valued at $250




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+ Run Program
+ Weekly Milestone Vid
+ Strength Workout
+ Mobility Session
+ Long Run Podcast
+ Access to Her Trails Life Hub
+ Her Trails STAY WILD TEE valued at $45
+ Her Trails Tool Kit valued at $70
+ 30 mins 1:1 session valued at $250




Per Month
($360 total)

+ Run Program
+ Weekly Milestone Vid
+ Strength Workout
+ Mobility Session
+ Long Run Podcast
+ Access to Her Trails Life Hub
+ Cancel Anytime
- Her Trails STAY WILD TEE valued at $45
- Her Trails Tool Kit valued at $70
- 30 mins 1:1 session valued at $250

Long Run Groups

If you wish to discover new trails and complete your long runs with a fun and inclusive group – these sessions are for you

Her Trails Retreat with Larapinta Culture

An immersive week-long adventure and cultural experience in the heart of Australia.

An intimate group of women will connect with this land and culture through hiking, facilitation on Country with local Aboriginal tourism. Limited to 12 female trailblazers per retreat! 

Be prepared to surrender to an experience that words cannot describe!

2022 dates

April 12 – 18 (2 remaining spots)

April 18 – 24 (2 remaining spots)