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Her Trails 10km Program

New to running, returning to running or wanting to build to your first 10kms?

We will safely build HER to 10kms by combining a run program with strength & mobility workouts. We provide you with the tools to strengthen your mind & the ongoing education on how to recover and fuel your body.


MAY 22 2023

This Her Trails 10km Program Is For You If:

* You’re new to running trails and the thought of 10km on dirt scares you!

* You’re re-building after having kids and need to carve out time for yourself again.

* Injury or illness has stopped you in your tracks and you want the confidence and motivation to get back to feeling your best – physically and emotionally.

* You’re tired of burning out and you want to enjoy running again, supported by a team of badass women of course!

The Her trails way

At Her Trails, we believe in a holistic approach to training – in essence, this means that we want you to achieve your running goals with a training program and the right tools to keep you running for life. We know that by combining nutrition, mindset, recovery, strength, mobility and ongoing education, you are more likely to approach that start line with a smile and feeling mentally and physically strong. Joining our Her Trails program will see you develop your running, fitness, strength and inner grit and you’ll even have FUN along the way!

Access to credentialed coaching & community

Run Programming

– We start with 3 short runs per week and build to 4 (including base mile, speed play, threshold and aerobic base).

– Sessions build from 10 minutes to 65 minutes per running session.

Strength for runners program

– Strength, mobility and yoga.

– Sessions designed to develop your run strength with specific mobility, stability and strength workouts.

Her Trails Ultra FB community group

Never doubt the mobilising power of being part of an active online community of women training for the same goal as you. Together we are stronger!

Her Trails TV

Videos shared in your weekly email that support your body and mind as you move through this training program. 


– Your coaches and educators will jump on the FB community page to share relevant information as the program progresses. Information that is related to WHERE you are in the program and information that is responsive to what the group is experiencing. 

access to the Her Trails Life Hub

– See below for further details

Her Trails Life Hub

You Have Access to:

A growing hub of resources to support HER including

  • Nutrition and fuelling advice from Her Trail nutritionist Thea Doyle – fuelling for high and low hormonal phases, building your plate for training, why protein is important for women.
  • Pre and Postnatal fitness expert Julie Baird – pelvic floor awareness, posture, breathing and diastasis recti.
  • Mindset – unlocking your potential and deepening your resilience.
  • Physiotherapy support with Myo Detox – how to prevent injuries and rehabilitation guidance.

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The payment for this program is non-refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances that affect your completion of the program please reach out to us at info@hertrails.com and we can discuss pausing or transferring your place to an alternate program/cohort.

Her Trails 10km


Upfront Payment 

+ Run programming

+ Strength for runners program

+ Yoga & mobility workouts 

+ Her Trails Accountability Program 

+ Weekly emails & videos to support the program

+ Access to the most inclusive and supportive Facebook Community group with members who are sharing the experience alongside you. 

+ Integrated coaching and support via our Her Trails x 10km Facebook community group

+ Access to the Her Trails Life Hub

+ Invitation to monthly education workshop with Her Trails Coaches and Educators.