Took these pins for a cruise on my home trails today.

Feels like a lifetime since I’ve rolled them out here. I’ve had a bit of a hiatus from consistent trail running recently. I needed to focus my energy elsewhere – Her Trails, family, transit, etc.

Whilst I am a big advocate for consistent incremental movement in order to progress towards your training goals (& I have plenty of them!), sometimes you simply need to pause. Energy is a limited resource and you can’t be present when you are doing a zillion things.

At Her Trails, we harp on about holistic training because we know that when you spread yourself too thin, you run the risk of depleting your mental and physical stores. This depletion can bring up all sorts – from injury to a lack of motivation. Or maybe a recurring feeling that you will never tick off those big goals.

So, after my shift in focus, I had a block from getting back into running. It felt daunting – like I was starting from scratch with this whole running thing. But let’s be real – I’m not restarting from nothing. Rarely are any of us. So in a nutshell, if you want to get back to running or start for the first time, here’s some advice from me –

Take those first few steps
Keep it easy
Keep it fun
Strive for progress over perfection

I’ll be back out there again today and I cannot wait!

How do you get yourself rolling again after a hiatus or shift in energy?


Sam x

PS If you’re new to running, returning to running or wanting to build to your first 10kms, we’ve got you! Our 10km Trail program is now live and the first 8-week cohort kicks off on June 20. Check it out HERE.